Facts, Figures & Highlights


We served over 2,000 people in 2016:

-554 children in 368 families were served by our Legal Representation Program
-81 children in 81 families were served by our Families in Transition Mediation Program
-1781 children were served through 1,225 calls to our free Children's Law Line

• Nearly 35,000 family court matters involving divorce and custody are filed annually in Connecticut; 50% of these cases involve minor children
• We are the only organization in Connecticut serving the interests of indigent children whose parents are embroiled in family court disputes
• Our model of operation is ground breaking in that it combines the collaboration of both an attorney and mental health professional for each child we represent
• CLC’s Justine Rakich-Kelly, Executive Director, and Randa Hojaiban, Deputy Director, co-authored a comprehensively written chapter entitled “Representing Children in Family Court Custody and Visitation Disputes” in the publication of the handbook A Practical Guide to Divorce in Connecticut
• We expanded our services to include the Norwich judicial district and added a new staff attorney for that region
• We hired a new attorney to meet the demand for our services in Hartford and New Britain family courts