In November 1992, a six-year-old girl was shot and killed by her father during a supervised visitation session at the office of the Child Protection Council of Northeastern Connecticut. From this tragedy sprang a coalition of concerned professionals and parents united to examine the weaknesses in the system that had failed that child. The lack of legal services for children in family court was identified as a major concern, which led to the founding of the Children’s Law Center.

In 1996, the Children’s Law Center hired its first staff attorney, Garret Tuller, through a contractual arrangement with Connecticut Legal Services. Under his direction the organization represented over 200 abuse/neglect cases in juvenile court. In 2002, the Children’s Law Center relocated its office from eastern Connecticut to Hartford, to become more accessible to a wider demographic of clients.

We served 2,416 children in 2016:
- 554 impoverished children in 368 families through our Legal Representation Program
- 1,781 children through 1,225 calls to our Children’s Law Line
- 81 children in 51 families through our Families in Transition Program

Because there are many more children who need advocates, the task ahead is to continually expand our programs and services until all of Connecticut’s communities are served.