The Children’s Law Center actively participates in ongoing advocacy efforts at the state level; promoting professional development in the legal community concerning the representation of children, and monitoring legislative initiatives related to children and family law.

The organization continues to act as coordinators of the Statewide Academies for Children's Advocacy with the purpose of creating think tanks and working groups to support and educate attorneys representing children in family court as well as mental health professionals who perform forensic evaluations for family court cases. The group explores such issues as attorneys and social workers collaborating to focus on the mental health of children in divorce cases, and psychological vs. psychiatric evaluations, when to order which, and what to expect to get when you order them. Sessions are held around the state and are open to any professional serving in the family court arena.


What have we been up to?


On February 17th, the Children’s Law Center hosted a special breakfast reception at the Legislative Office Building with special guest Representative John Hampton. It was a busy and productive morning with close to 20 legislators stopping by to learn more about CLC’s critical mission.