Law Line

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The labyrinth of agencies, courts, and laws are often overwhelming and unmanageable for the average parent. The Children's Law Line (860-232-9993) is a free, easily accessible legal resource that can assist callers on a variety of issues. Services like our Law Line are desperately needed by those with severe budgetary constraints who want to help a child but are at the mercy of a complex legal system.

The Children's Law Line has several positive benefits for callers, including:

  • Calls are answered by a person trained in family law issues.
  • Common questions are answered immediately and more complex questions are referred to a staff attorney.
  • There is no income screening to access the service.
  • There is no limit to how many times a person can call.


Who can call the Children's Law Line?

Children, parents, grandparents, other relatives, foster parents, or professionals with a specific question about the law and children may call the Law Line. CLC does not discuss a specific case with a third party without the permission of the person with the legal issue.


What is the process like?

When you call the Law Line, a trained staff member will begin the call with an intake during which they will gather demographic information in addition to asking about the issue you are calling to discuss. Our staff will answer your question with as much detail and guidance as possible. If we cannot answer your question or feel another resource would be able to provide you with additional information, we will give you the appropriate contact information for a referral. All calls are reviewed by a staff attorney, and we will call you back if the attorney finds that additional information could have been provided. There is a high demand for the Law Line service, so you may experience some wait time. If you are put on hold, please stay on the line.


What can The Children's Law Line help me with?

The Law Line helps callers understand the legal processes that involve children, such as custody, visitation, guardianship, and abuse and neglect. CLC can also refer callers to other agencies or resources for help with finding an attorney, special education advocacy, and school law.


Are calls confidential?

Yes, nothing regarding your call to the Law Line will be disclosed to a third party without your written consent.


Can I call anonymously?

If you are calling for general information and referrals, such as the address of a court or what agency to call for special education information, we can give you that information without taking your personal information. However, if you are calling with specific questions regarding an ongoing dispute, we will need to take your name and the names of other parties involved. This information is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone else.


Is there a cost to use the Children's Law Line?

These is no cost to call the Law Line. It is a free, statewide service.