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The Children's Law Center is excited to go virtual with our Gala on November 13th, 2020, World Kindness Day!

With technology at our fingertips, we will deliver an unforgettable event with inspirational stories, unique auction packages, plush animals for donation and purchase, plus so much more! Featuring radio personality, Renee DiNino of iHeart Radio as emcee!

We will also proudly celebrate
Executive Director Justine Rakich-Kelly’s 20th anniversary at CLC.

While the world has changed, The Children's Law Center's mission has not. With your support, our programs will continue to help create safe, stable environments for children whose parents are in chronic conflict.


WHEN: November 13th, 2020 | 7:00 pm

WHERE:  Anywhere you choose! Join us from the comfort of your own home! Make your own party!

COST: There is no cost to participate in CLC's Virtual Gala!

HOW:  We will give you a link.  It will be right here!


Even though there is no cost to "attend" the CLC Virtual Gala, we'd like you to register!  Registration gives you VIP access to real-time information before and during the Gala.  It also allows you to bypass Auction Registration if you authorize your credit card information.  Finally, we'd like to know who's out there!

To Register, click here.


To become a sponsor, click here.

To donate an auction item, click here.

Please email completed forms to or mail them to 30 Arbor Street, Suite 208, Hartford, CT 06106.

Thinking about take-out? Consider purchasing a $75 "Celebrate-at-Home" Dinner Ticket.  Check out the Dinner Ticket tab for more information.

Fund a Kinder Day. Purchase a $20 Plush Animal for a CLC client or as a gift for a child you know.  Check out the Plush Animal tab for more information about Ellie the Elephant! 🐘


  To become a sponsor, click here.

Visionary Sponsor

Leader Sponsor

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Judy Hyde



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Aaron & Sandra Gersten


Deb & Jim Ruel


Inspire Sponsor

Gail & David Porteus

Elizabeth Thayer, Ph.D. and Jack Thayer M.D.

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Friend Sponsor

Bendett & McHugh, PC *

Law Offices of Susan Busby, LLC

Steven & Elizabeth Eskenazi

David Ford and Family

Patrick & Linda Proctor

* Pension Consultants, Inc.

Webber & Meyers, LLC. *

All the great food and drink ... none of the waiting in line!

"Celebrate-at-Home" Dinner Ticket

Our  $75 "Celebrate-at-Home" Dinner Ticket is curated by Max Catering & Events and includes a three course meal plus a cocktail. 🍸  It also includes a $20 gift certificate to Max Restaurant Group and a donation of a plush animal from you to a CLC client!* Dinner Ticket meals must be picked up from Max Oyster Bar in West Hartford.  The meals will be cold at pick up and come with detailed heating instructions, so no need to rush home before your food gets cold!


Thank you to everyone who has donated to our 2020 Virtual Gala so far! *

Our Auction will go LIVE Monday, November 2, 2020.

We have lots of great auction items in store!

 ~Click on each organization/business to find out more!~

Moira Aitro | American Girl Doll | Aviary Games, LLC | Bark Box | Bella Gusta Select Oils & Vinegars | BK & Co. | Bottle Stop - Avon | Margaret Bozek |

Brendan Milove - PadPlay Games| Blue Earth Compost | Bridgewater Chocolate, LLC | Café Sofia | Chewy | Chili's | ClayArtPlay | Deepwater Seafood | Jeff Dodgson | DORO Restaurant Group | E&D Pizza Company | Elyse Ryan Jewelry | Scott & Stephanie Esposito | Farmington Miniature Golf & Ice Cream| Fascia's Chocolates | First & Last Tavern - Avon | Patricia & Pascal Gartmaan | Kathy Goff | Golf Club of Avon | Gouveia Vineyards | Sue Grise | Cara Hardacker | Hartford Flavor Company | Hartford Symphony Orchestra | Hartford Yard Goats | Annmarie Hite | IRIS Photography | Lisa Keegan | Hayley Kolding | Lynne Krupa | Jon Kukucka | The LEGO Group | Deborah Leonard | Sam Levine | Lost Acres Vineyard | Moscarillo's Garden Shoppe | The Mark Twain House & Museum | The New England Pasta Co. | Dan & Alexa Olimpio | Barbara Panico | Barbara Pinkerton | Playhouse on Park | Gail Porteus | Kelly Scott | Susan Loraine Jewelry | Terry Walters, LLC | Liza Thayer | Total Wine & More | Carol Tsacoyeanes | Pam & Jeff Verney | Sandy Welch | Janice Wingo | Wampanoag Country Club |

Fund a Kinder Day

Since 1993, our programs have transformed lives of vulnerable children, moving their tumultuous family circumstances in a positive direction. Please consider donating to Fund a Kinder Day for our child clients.

$500  Pays for six mediation sessions in the Families in Transition Program

$250 Pays for a day in court, negotiating or making an argument in the child’s best interest

$200 Congratulate Justine on 20 years at CLC; Pay for a day of Justine in family court!

$100 Pays for substantive law trainings and mental health trainings for the professional staff ensuring the highest quality representation

$50 Pays for a home visit, our first chance to meet and get to know our child client

$?? Every dollar helps support the Children's Law Center and Connecticut's children.

Bring a Smile to a Child's Face with Ellie the Elephant

The 2020 Gala Elephant will certainly bring a smile to our child clients' faces and will make a wonderful gift for any child in your life ... or the child at heart!


Ellie is available for pick-up at the Children's Law Center or can be delivered/mailed (US ONLY)* to you.   

If Ellie is a donation, then the $20 is deductible for income tax purposes.                                                                                                                                                                * Shipping is $10 per stuffed animal  * *
Take Home or Donate a Plush Animal


Children's Law Center's 2020 "Celebrate-at-Home" Virtual Gala: Envision a Kinder Future         

Q: What is a VIRTUAL Gala and how does it differ from an in-person gala?

A: A Virtual Gala is a video production that lasts around 1 hour. You are able to watch the production online in the comfort of your own home and at no cost to you

Q: Why has the Children’s Law Center (CLC) decided to do a virtual Gala instead of an in-person event?

A: Since large gatherings are restricted because of the pandemic, CLC has decided to go virtual. Our top priority is your health, and the safety and health of our community, donors, and staff.

Q: If there is no cost to the viewer, how can I support CLC during the Virtual Gala?

A: There are several ways to support CLC before and during this virtual fundraiser.  You can:

    • Become a sponsor. Click here for the sponsor information
    • Purchase a "Celebrate-at-Home" Dinner Ticket. Go to the "Dinner" tab for more information.
    • Donate a silent auction item. Click here for the auction form
    • Make a donation! Go to the "Donation/Paddle Raise" tab to donate.
    • Bid on unique auction items. (Link to be provided before November 2nd when the auction goes LIVE!)
    • Watch the CLC 2020 "Celebrate-at-Home" Virtual Gala live stream on NOVEMBER 13TH.  (Link will be provided in early November).  
    • Share the CLC 2020 "Celebrate-at-Home" Virtual Gala link with your contacts.
Q: Who is allowed to watch the video? Is it only sponsors or those who purchase the $75 dinner ticket?

A:  No, it's not!  The CLC Virtual Gala is available to stream to anyone who has the link which will be posted on our website.  There is no cost to the viewer ... but you do have to register!  Registration gives you VIP access to real time updates before and during the Gala, allows you to bypass the Auction registration, AND lets us know you're out there!   To Register, click here.

Q: How and when do I watch the CLC 2020 “Celebrate-at-Home”  Virtual Gala? A. A link will be available on the Children’s Law Center website. Simply click on the link on Friday, November 13 at 6:45 p.m to stream the event and join us.  The Virtual Gala will start promptly at 7:00 p.m.

Q: How long is the CLC 2020 “Celebrate-at-Home”  Virtual Gala?

A: The fundraiser will last no longer than 1 hour. Q. What do I wear to the CLC 2020 “Celebrate-at-Home”  Virtual Gala? A. Anything you’d like! You can get dressed up like you’re going out or stay casually dressed in your own home. Either way, we’d love for you to send us your photos! You can email them to or post on social media and tag us! #CLCGala2020 (Instagram and Twitter =@ChildrensLawCT; Facebook = @ChildrensLawCenterofCT)


Q: When does the auction open and how do I register?

A: The auction will open on Monday, November 2, 2020. We will send promotions close to that date on how to register and you can also check the CLC website for more details closer to the Gala date.

Q: When does the auction close?

A: Although the Virtual Gala ends at 8:00 the auction won't close until 10pm on November 13th, 2020.

Q: How will I know if I won an auction item?

A: You will receive a text message and an email notifying you that you’ve won. If you do not receive notice, someone else won the item.

Q: When and how do I pick up my item?

A: You will be contacted by a Children’s Law Center staff member the week of November 23rd regarding your winning items.  An arrangement will be made at that time to pick up the items.  


Q: What is a Virtual Paddle Raise?

A: It's a fun way to donate!  There will be an opportunity to “raise your virtual paddle” before, during or after the CLC 2020 “Celebrate-at-Home”  Virtual Gala and watch the donation thermometer level rise!  Check out our Donate/Paddle Raise tab to donate.  

Q: I would like to raise my virtual paddle to the CLC 2020 “Celebrate-at-Home” Virtual Gala. How do I do that?

A: Here are a few ways to donate:

    • Check out our Donate/Paddle Raise tab and click on your desired donation. Do it during the Virtual Gala and you will see the donation thermometer level rise!
    • Mail us a check.  Donations can be made to the Children's Law Center, 30 Arbor Street, Suite 208, Hartford, CT 06106.
    • Call in a pledge to the Children's Law Center at 860-232-9993.  Leave a message anytime but calls will be answered in real time during the duration of the Virtual Gala.
Q: I can’t join you on November 13th. Can I make a donation in support of The Children’s Law Center now?  

A:  Yes! Your support is always welcome. See previous questions for different ways to donate.


Q: Is food being provided for the CLC 2020 Virtual Gala on November 13th at 7:00 p.m.?

A: Yes, The Children's Law Center has partnered with Max Catering & Events to provide “Celebrate-at-Home” Dinners.  Purchase a $75 Dinner Ticket and you will receive a three course meal as well as a cocktail!  Even more, a plush animal will be donated to a CLC client from you!  Go to the "Dinner" tab for more information.

Q: How do I get my “Celebrate-at-Home” Dinner? 

A: Dinners must be picked up from Max Oyster Bar in West Hartford on November 13th, time frame TBD.  The dinners are prepared to be picked up cold and contain detailed instructions for warming once you are ready to eat. 


Q: I would love to take photos that night to show support of The Children’s Law Center. Where can I post or send the photos?

A: We’d love photos of you! You can e-mail photos to or post on social media and tag us!  #CLCGala2020 (Instagram and Twitter =@ChildrensLawCT; Facebook = @ChildrensLawCenterofCT)


Q: What if I have questions before or during CLC 2020 “Celebrate at Home” VIRTUAL Gala?

A: If you have questions before the CLC Virtual Gala, please email Jenna Trott at at  If you have questions during the CLC Virtual Gala or Auction, call our office at 860-232-9993 until 9:00pm.