CLC manages and presents a training program for child advocates to support and educate attorneys, mental health professionals and other professionals involved with children whose families are involved in family court disputes.

CLC's trainings explore issues such as collaboration between attorneys and social workers to focus on the mental health of children in divorce cases, and the differences between psychological and psychiatric evaluations.

FULL DAY TRAININGS | 9am - 4pm | 6 CLE

DeKoven House | 27 Washington St. | Middletown, CT

October 5th: Children and Violence.  Explore cyber and school bullying,  familial murder/suicide, and child trafficking.  Learn to spot red flags as well as different approaches and tools to use in these difficult yet critical situations. Cost:  Free for OCPD Contract Attorneys.  $100 for general attendance.  Breakfast, lunch, and light snacks included.


Dr. Stephanie Stein Leite
(Forensic Intelligence, LLC)
Violence 101; Cyber & School Bullying, Stalking: Bias

Dr. John Padgett
(Capella University Core Faculty School of Public Service Leadership, CEO, Psychosocial Dynamics, LLC., CEO/Director, National School Violence Research Center, LLC.)
• Suicide and Familial Violence • Domestic Violence
• Family Violence: psychosocial rupture: stages – what a person is going through up to the critical incident
• If you suspect something, if your gut is telling you something, if there’s a history...
• Threat assessment teams, warning signs, pre and post-incident communications; statistics (98% of these incidents are posted and discussed online before they occur.)

Jennifer Shimer
Love 146 Training & Response Program Manager Overview of human sex trafficking/commercial sex exploitation and red flag factors, grooming and recruitment tactics and trauma bonding

Free parking is available at the DeKoven House on a limited basis. Nearby municipal parking is available. Parking is not validated.

Seating is limited.


HALF DAY TRAININGS: | 9am - 1pm | 3.5 CLE

February 15th: Children, Their Language, Their Disclosures:  Understand the basics of interviewing children by understanding their perception of language and time.  This is particularly useful when children have made disclosures about sexual abuse.  Learn more about sex offenders and their risk of re-offending in the context of family and parenting time.  Cost:  Free for OCPD Contract Attorneys.  $50 for general attendance.  Breakfast and light snacks included.

May 10th: The Marginalized Parent or Client: Learn a little "neuroscience for lawyers" and how to work with parents with borderline personality disorder, alienated children, and parental expectations. Cost:  Free for OCPD Contract Attorneys.  $50 for general attendance.  Breakfast and light snacks included.

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Full Day:  Children and Violence 

Half Day: Children, Their Language, Their Disclosure 

Half Day: The Marginalized Parent or Client     

Dates are subject to change based on trainer availability.  If you are registered and are unable to make it if the date changes, you will be fully refunded.
If you have any questions about the trainings, availability of recordings, or want to be added to the training list serv, please contact Tonia at or 860.232.9993.