Children Like Maya Need Heroes Like You

Maya is a four-year-old who had been residing with both of her parents before her father began physically and emotionally abusing her mother, who turned to alcohol to cope. After one violent altercation, Child Protective Services became involved. They gave guardianship to Maya’s paternal grandmother in order to keep her out of foster care. While her father was later incarcerated, her mother fought to get back guardianship. Maya’s grandmother felt that her mother wasn’t stable enough, and The Children’s Law Center was appointed by the court to help find the safest, most stable situation for Maya.

Our staff attorney helped Maya’s mother get into a substance abuse treatment program. As she showed great strides towards recovery, we helped her have more extensive visits with Maya in order to strengthen their relationship. She found stable housing and a job, and proved that she was ready to begin taking care of Maya once again.

During our last court appearance with the family, we helped enter a joint custody agreement between Maya’s mother and grandmother. Maya continues to have both supportive parental figures in her life.


Because of your support, The Children’s Law Center was able to help Maya’s mother and grandmother see that getting along and providing a loving family was the best thing they could do for her.